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The Most Comfortable Mattress You’ll Ever Sleep On. Guaranteed.

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"This mattress almost cost me my job. So comfortable on night-one that I literally slept through my alarm and was an hour late for work the next morning."

- Erin E. via Twitter

"Had competitors mattresses before and CloudTen is way better. Back Pain is gone! Getting 7-8 hours of sleep and feeling great! Density is perfect! No chemical smell or sleeping hot! Great value! Worth 10x what I paid given the experience!”

- Mark, Evergreen Colorado*

"Got to try out a CloudTen mattress that a friend of mine got recently. It was as good if not better than my more expensive mattress - and that is saying something since I have chronic back pain! I loved it."

- Anastasia, Denver Colorado*

"Feels like a Ferrari compared to every other bed I've owned and my back finally feels better in the morning instead of worse. Highly recommend."

- Phil L. via Facebook

"A tremendous night’s sleep … I’m on CloudTen with this mattress!  I previously had one of the top brands (which cost twice as much as a CloudTen), but had to find a better solution because I was getting way too hot at night. I’m now sleeping better than I’ve slept in years and have more energy when I wake up!"

- Dana via Facebook*

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* Reviewer purchased through friends and family promotion

Let us put your mind and body to rest

Don’t be misled by the bigger brands who use lower-quality materials while charging premium prices.

CloudTen Masterpiece Tempur-Pedic Tempur-PRObreeze Casper The Wave
Mattress Thickness 12 Inches 12 Inches 13 Inches
Cool-Gel Top Yes Yes No
Variable-Density Latex Yes No No
Warranty 15-Year 10-Year 10-Year
Made in North America Yes Yes Yes
CertiPUR-US® Materials Yes No Yes
Plush Topper Option Yes Yes No
In-Home Trial 100 Nights 90 Nights 100 Nights
Queen Price $1,349 $979 $3,999* $1,916*
Save Thousands of Dollars!

*  3/2/2020  Queen:  $3,999
*  3/2/2020  Queen:  $1,916

How Can We Sell this Mattress for So Much Less?
Factory Direct Means HUGE SAVINGS!




Our Seven Zones of Comfort provide the ultimate in body contouring and spinal alignment.



CertiPUR materials and ultra-fine fabrics, made to-order by North Carolina craftsmen.

Sleep Perfection

Sleep Perfection

Years of research and development, all in the pursuit of creating the industry’s finest mattress.

Are you ready to wake up rested, pain-free and happy?

Take the first step toward tranquil nights and refreshed mornings. Select a size and your CloudTen masterpiece will be made to-order.

Our Guarante

Money-Back Guarantee

Experience it for 100 days. If it’s not the best sleep you’ve ever had, get a 100% refund.

15-Year Warranty

Sleep with confidence year after year on a mattress with the best warranty in the industry.

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Your made-to-order CloudTen masterpiece will be shipped promptly via FedEx Ground.